When you’re managing, leading and mentoring your team,

you’ll give them everything to succeed

As a CNC Sergeant, you’ll maintain your Authorised Firearms Officer qualification, and still be deployed operationally with the other AFOs under your command. However, you’ll also get the extra training to become a nationally accredited Operational Firearms Commander. It means that, every day, you’ll brief, debrief and lead your team throughout a variety of operational activities.

As a leader, mentor and performance manager to a team of Police Constables, you’ll provide all of the support, skills and knowledge they need. You’ll do this particularly during the early stages of an officer’s career. In fact, you’ll become a vital part in the development of our future talent.

We also have Sergeant’s positions within some of our specialist departments, such as Special Branch, the Strategic Escort Group, Firearms Training and Learning and Development functions.